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Website Design

Static Web Design
iWeb Tech Expert makes excellent styles which are affordable. A static web site is appropriate where upgrading of solutions and services is not required. Static web page styles are web browser friendly and easy to get around. However, making changes to fixed websites require web development,which we combination with our skills in creating a Static Website Design.

Website Template Design
On the Web there are many templates available for free and downloadable but when you want that something special and exclusive in your design then there is no better ways than a customized design. Here we can create the template according to your requirement with latest techniques.

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Website Development

iWeb Tech Expert provides web design alternatives focusing on the individual business needs of the customers. Cost-effective web growth alternatives of the organization have drawn many customers from the international locations. Making use of the newest technology it gives you web growth alternatives at aggressive price. The organization uses modern web growth systems and software programs such as :
PHP & MySQL, AJAX, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET & SQL

In the present day it is difficult to acquire an company that doesn't need to control some way of automated content. Formerly such work always had to be finished by a web designer, but the beginning of the Content Management System (CMS) has modified the scenery of content management in give preference of Person community. Now anyone with a primary information of computer systems can publish information and common automated content to their web service. Content Management Systems recognize the need for group interaction within an company and put the right resources in the arms of the right people.

Content Management System (CMS)

iWeb Tech Expert is a major IT company offering a extensive range of open source customization services. We endeavor to provide various open source content management system(CMS) or programs with preferred appearance and performance through our solutions. With an skills in major open source like Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress. we have been able to improve the mobility and source neutrality by a great edge.

Joomla Website Development :

We provide web developers solutions on Joomla which is a free open source Content Management System (CMS) substantially used for posting content on intranets and World Wide Web along with Model-view-controller (MVC) Web Application Development framework. We have with us a group of joomla developers who have easy work circulation with innovative joomla components, extensions and modules. Our joomla web developers solutions are offered to our customers with following features:

1) Editable sections for News, products or services
2) E-commerce/Online Shopping Cart
3) Picture/Photo Gallery
4) Showcase / Catalogue
5) Customizable Layouts
6) Event Calendar

Drupal Web Development :

Our Drupal web design organization is managing Drupal web services all over the world with good recognizing and relationship with clients. This is predicted by our useful clients. So the reason Drupal website design and development cost very low. We provide discount rates to clients who are freelancing bulk projects to our organization.

1) Registration and management of user accounts
2) Searching on internal site content
3) Posting of comments
4) Building multi-level menus
5) RSS feeds

iWeb Tech Expert provides cost-effective and effective content management alternatives to several press organizations, job organizations, web business owners and international businesses. We have strong skills in Content Management Systems such as Joomla, Magento and Wordpress platforms. Our designers have wide experience in Wordpress based CMS incorporation while keeping a advanced level of SEO exercise.

Advantages of Changing to CMS:
1) Easy to Update
2) Built-in Components
3) Decentralised Maintenance
4) Highly effective Content Serving
5) Content Scheduling
6) SEO Friendly

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Website Redesign

Website Redesign happens when a site encounters problems in the center of its trip. There are always certain amounts of things which you can do to make your site more highly effective than before. Website redesign is just as important as developing a Website itself.

Step - Perception

Here we start with the venture to re-empower your online existence. First of all we look at your present web page and scrupulously evaluate all the comparative aspects. We clutch our knowledge to the advantages & drawbacks of your present website. This process is objective to extort the substance of your present web page so that we may provide the best remedy for your website redesigning.

Step - Interaction

Once we are all the way through with all the specific information, we start with next phase i.e. Connections. In this two way procedure, on the one side we express our make outs to the consumer and pay attention the factors from customer as well.
This procedure is estimated to get knowledge about end-to-end information concerning customer's probability. Information regarding funds, structure, primary factors etc., are formed in this phase. Here we plan the perfect way of is essential website renovating. We keep up advanced level interaction with customers so that we can sustain visibility between customer's expectation and our promotions.

Step - Results

Result is what we have dedicated to you i.e. a powerful on the internet existence that leads your company towards optimum of achievements. Our web page renovating solutions are integrally arranged to abscond zero area for any defect. Up-to-the-minute technological innovation delivers into perform by our assiduous share of technocrats to upgrade your web page. Providing nothing less than best is austerely followed custom of WeblinkUK which consequently tag along our web page renovating solutions as well. We recover your web page in such a way that it gets great exposure which changes out in way of more businesses and company marketing.

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Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is as important as developing a new web page. We manage finish servicing of your web page and create sure it is up-to-date. If someone wants to create any type of changes in your web page, contact us up and specify your needs. You can also email us the image or the details, which you want to publish on your website to improve its reliability. Whether it is inclusion of new material or adjustment of same material, our knowledgeable group will do it without limiting the originality of your website.

Advantages of Changing to Existing Website :
1) Updating Content
2) Updating Images or Layouts
3) Adding new products
4) Alteration of existing products

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Domain & Hosting

Domain is a important part of any kind of website design and development project. Domain is the place or the address by which people can access your website and also you complete demand a great url of your website if you're seriously interested in obtaining a highly effective on the web thing. It is the identification level of the company, and it is where you will direct all your potential customers to.

Web hosting you may already know is usually publishing one's site on the net in order that people can certainly gain access and browse through them. While you're set with all your website, web hosting company plays a vital part with uploading it on the net. A Web Hosting company ought to be technically excellent and also a undertaking get better at. You will find number of web hosting organizations in the market.

Below are the different types of web hosting :
1) Linux Web Hosting
2) Windows Web Hosting
3) Java Web Hosting
4) Linux Multi Domain Hosting

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As a symbol of globalization e-commerce represents the innovative of success in this electronic age. E-commerce stands for electronic business and relates to trading in items or solutions through the electronic medium, i.e. the Online or phone. On the Online, it relates to a website, which offers items or solutions directly from the site using a shopping cart or shopping basket system and allows electronic payment ways.

Indian's are seeking out to include electronic communications into their actions - making buys, bill paying,doing bookings are some one of them. The e-commerce industry on its own is positioned to be one of the biggest markets in Indian. E-commerce has made it possible for each and every person to avoid standing in the line as to create payments for their house hold activities. They can now do that all with just a click of a mouse, saving both the time and money. E-commerce has also triggered the clients to order a product sitting in one aspect of the planet, from another. Of course this idea has captivated not only the clients but also the entrepreneurs, who can now create their items or solutions available to their potential clients, who might be at any world.

We help your business can be performed on the web through On-Line Store, Payment Gateway Processing, Shopping Cart Applications, Online Shopping Cart Systems.

Key Elements:
1) User Interface - [Front End]
2) Registration for new user and Login for visited users.
3) Search/Advance Search on various products.
4) Add, Edit, Delete to shopping cart
5) Purchase of product through shopping cart
6) View and browse the product information
7) Order Placement
8) Final check out and Payment.

Administrator - Backend Management 1) Login to Administrator
2) Product Management - Add/Edit/Delete
3) Cross Selling Products Management
4) Image Upload for the products
5) Features and Accessories embedment with various products
6) Tax and Discount offers
7) Order Management
8) Search option for each module

Payment Method 1) Credit card processing (if online payment Required)
2) Payment Gateway integration experience with CCAvenue, EBS, 2Checkout, PayPal, GoogleCheckout etc.
3) Pay Order or Cash On deliver

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Graphics Design

iWeb Tech Expert provides end to end graphics design solutions to link those two components. We provide an range of services, such as customized graphics, logo design, identity creation and marketing collaterals. The purpose is to get the exclusive look and exclusive placement in market for our international clients.

Graphics designing companies are in very popular in UK and the purpose is apparent as Graphics Designing have become important for the fact that the graphics that you put on your website say a lot about Quality that is popular by you. Graphics Designing is a very innovative perform. Graphics on your site should not only be eye-catching but also be able appropriate to your business and your perform type. Graphics designing should consist of the Designer and the Client connections so that required concept can be communicated to the focused public. Graphics are able to give one taken information about the characteristics of the website and the purpose for which it has been designed.In latest time the process of designing has been ignored by the people, but the progression in the technological innovation and press, graphics designers with good ability and creativeness are in need.

We provide a wide range of custom graphic design services:
1) Logo Design
2) Business Card Design
3) Banner Design
4) PSD to HTML Conversion

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Seo is the procedure of remodelling requirements of the websites to allow them to come up in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) when explored for the same.

Search Engine Optimization contains things as simple as keyword research. When such as the search phrases it is important that is kept in the mind is those search phrases are not the industry vocabulary which has smaller look for or is intended for specific people. Then the search phrases are placed as per the technique or conventional and on the right page.

SEO is a procedure and cannot be done instantaneously as there are no strategies in it. It needs time and proper initiatives in the right route. Preferred results are possible by looking after all the aspects of Search Engine Optimization. Often times google change their methods and your web page positions may go up and down as a result.

We can sum up the position as the formula of excellent content, appropriate hyperlinks and excellent web page framework. However, it cannot be decided out as the greatest or final formula. The google keep on modifying their criteria and accordingly the position aspects are improved. Latest formula contains social networking as the most crucial position factor.

Website Analysis & Research

1) In-Depth Keyword Research
2) Keyword Traffic Analysis
3) Keyword Competition Analysis
4) Website Analysis
5) Online Competitor Analysis
6) Benchmark Current traffic and Search Engine Positions

On-Page Optimization

It is a Search engine optimization method, which is done on the page of the website. On Page Optimization is a technique by means of which your web page gets a high ranking on various Search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN etc.

1) META Tag Optimization
2) Image Optimization
3) HTML code optimization
4) Descriptive site map creation
5) Reducing Page Size
6) Duplicate Content Checking
7) Creation of Robots.txt file

Off-Page Optimization

It is a Search engine optimization method, which is done outside of the website to get the best positions for particular set of keywords and attract more visitors. Off page optimization concentrates on getting back links via various link building strategies for particular keywords.

1) Directory Link Submission
2) Article Submission
3) Social Bookmark Submission
4) Social Media Optimization
5) Blog Commenting

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