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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the procedure of remodelling requirements of the websites to allow them to come up in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) when explored for the same.

Search Engine Optimization contains things as simple as keyword research. When such as the search phrases it is important that is kept in the mind is those search phrases are not the industry vocabulary which has smaller look for or is intended for specific people. Then the search phrases are placed as per the technique or conventional and on the right page.

SEO is a procedure and cannot be done instantaneously as there are no strategies in it. It needs time and proper initiatives in the right route. Preferred results are possible by looking after all the aspects of Search Engine Optimization. Often times google change their methods and your web page positions may go up and down as a result.

We can sum up the position as the formula of excellent content, appropriate hyperlinks and excellent web page framework. However, it cannot be decided out as the greatest or final formula. The google keep on modifying their criteria and accordingly the position aspects are improved. Latest formula contains social networking as the most crucial position factor.

Website Analysis & Research

1) In-Depth Keyword Research
2) Keyword Traffic Analysis
3) Keyword Competition Analysis
4) Website Analysis
5) Online Competitor Analysis
6) Benchmark Current traffic and Search Engine Positions

On-Page Optimization

It is a Search engine optimization method, which is done on the page of the website. On Page Optimization is a technique by means of which your web page gets a high ranking on various Search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN etc.

1) META Tag Optimization
2) Image Optimization
3) HTML code optimization
4) Descriptive site map creation
5) Reducing Page Size
6) Duplicate Content Checking
7) Creation of Robots.txt file

Off-Page Optimization

It is a Search engine optimization method, which is done outside of the website to get the best positions for particular set of keywords and attract more visitors. Off page optimization concentrates on getting back links via various link building strategies for particular keywords.

1) Directory Link Submission
2) Article Submission
3) Social Bookmark Submission
4) Social Media Optimization
5) Blog Commenting

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